Whangarei Girls High School

Unleashing Creativity, Empowering Futures

Ministry of Education
$4.5 Million
12 Months

Nestled within Whangarei Girls High School, a remarkable project came to life, unveiling a magnificent two-level classroom block spanning 1,040m2. Designed to cater to the school's Arts and Commerce classes, this block stands as a beacon of educational excellence. This building is home to a myriad of essential facilities, including the art department, commerce classrooms, student support services, and a dedicated literacy centre. Across the two levels, a total of ten spacious classrooms await, each equipped with access to breakout spaces, a literacy area, and ample resource storage. Three of these classrooms were a much-needed replacement for ageing structures, while the remaining seven were added to accommodate the school's growing demands. Embracing innovation and aesthetics, the new building showcases an intriguing roofline that captivates the eye. Vibrant and bold colours adorn its exterior, complemented by elegant cedar fascia and expansive bay windows that invite natural light to permeate the learning spaces. Adding a touch of grandeur, a spacious concrete balcony graces the second level, featuring a cantilevered roof that doubles as a remarkable stage for outdoor performances, fostering creativity and expression. The new Arts and Commerce classroom block at Whangarei Girls High School stands tall as a testament to the power of visionary design, functionality, and efficient project management.

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