Northland Toyota

Driving Excellence, Embracing the Future

Northland Toyota
$3.8 Million
7 Months

Nestled on a sprawling 2,150m2 plot, this remarkable building stands as a testament to the future of automotive excellence. Meticulously designed as a purpose-built new car dealership, it not only showcases an impressive array of vehicles but also boasts state-of-the-art full workshop facilities. Upon entering the building, visitors are greeted by the expansive showroom, adorned with full-height glazing, which offers a panoramic view of the cars on display. Every detail has been carefully considered, from the sleek and modern architectural design to the high-quality finishes that exude sophistication and refinement. Not content with merely offering an unparalleled automotive experience, this building goes above and beyond by embracing its responsibility to the environment. In a commitment to sustainability, the design incorporates various planet-friendly features that contribute to a greener future. Water recycling systems ensure efficient use of resources, while low voltage lighting minimizes energy consumption without compromising on brilliance. The building's intelligent design also harnesses the power of passive solar heating, leveraging natural sunlight to provide warmth and comfort while reducing reliance on traditional heating methods. This new car dealership stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of innovation, and environmental consciousness.

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