Northcote College

A Solution to a Growing Roll

Ministry of Education
8 months

Northcote College took a forward-thinking approach to address its growing student population with an exciting modular project. The project was designed as a creative solution to cater to the increasing roll and encompassed 14 thoughtfully designed teaching spaces. These flexible and modern classrooms were carefully planned to support various educational needs, including specialised cooking and fashion education areas. In addition to the teaching spaces, the project included two spacious storerooms to efficiently store and organise essential educational materials. A dedicated staff room was also incorporated, providing a comfortable and collaborative space for teachers to connect and recharge. Including modern amenities further enhanced the overall functionality and comfort of the facility. This project addressed the immediate need for additional teaching spaces and emphasized the importance of providing an environment that fosters creativity, engagement, and growth. By embracing innovation and adapting to the evolving needs of its students, Northcote College continues to set an inspiring example for educational institutions seeking practical solutions for accommodating a growing roll.

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